Alfheim Tales Online open beta commences December 11

By Michael Jamias
alfheim tales online open beta start

Ready to get addicted another 3D anime-style mmorpg?

Alfheim Tales Online enters into open beta in a couple of days on December 11, and it offers tons of action, spirits, magic and heroic hijinks across the fantasy land of Carlyle.

The official Alfheim Tales Online website reveals little else apart from this generic plot, so the open beta should be a chance for you to discover what makes this new title from Game DP better than the hundreds of other fantasy role-playing browser games out there.

From the bits that we've seen and heard, this game uses a pretty extensive Pet System. Pets can evolve into many different forms and species, and you as a player can influence the growth of each pet through an intricate cultivating system.

To mark the Alfheim Tales Online open beta, the game masters will also be holding fun holiday-themed events centered on the in-game Snowman. Each player will be given a cute little snowman as a free login treat.

As always, fans are encouraged to spend the open beta reporting bugs and other issues that developers may have missed. The open beta is one of the last chances to polish Alfheim Tales Online and make sure it runs smoothly on launch day scheduled sometime in 2014.


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