Alfheim Tales Online guild mechanics unveiled

By Michael Jamias
alfheim tales online guilds

For a time there players weren't sure whether Alfheim Tales Online will be getting a guild system, but now it's confirmed!

But more than having the usual teambuilding and mmorpg socialization features, the Alfheim Tales Online guild will actually be key component in powering up individual characters.

Operator Ray Media said guilds will allow like-minded players to group up and build a base in the free no download mmorpg. Each member will have to contribute to speed up the construction of the base so it evolves into a fun, bustling center of activity. Guilds will offer primarily quests, mob battles and even tree planting during your combat downtime.

Guilds will have all the usual trappings for cooperative play, including channels for communication between members. But no details yet on item sharing features such as a guild vault or bank.

Even the most solo-oriented players that don't want to get distracted by guild responsibilities and drama will likely find value in joining one. That's because guilds will offer unique ways to improve character skills, increase achievements and level up faster by gaining EXP merits. Also it wouldn't hurt to have multiple buddies available to help you defeat that particularly difficult boss in the land of Carlyle.


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