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alfheim tales online guilds
For a time there players weren't sure whether Alfheim Tales Online will be getting a guild system, but now it's confirmed! But more than having the usual teambuilding and mmorpg socialization features, the Alfheim Tales Online guild will actually be key component in powering up individual characters. Operator Ray Media said guilds will allow like-minded players to group up and build a base in the free no download mmorpg. Each member will have t...
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Dec 31 2013
alfheim tales online open beta start
Ready to get addicted another 3D anime-style mmorpg? Alfheim Tales Online enters into open beta in a couple of days on December 11, and it offers tons of action, spirits, magic and heroic hijinks across the fantasy land of Carlyle. The official Alfheim Tales Online website reveals little else apart from this generic plot, so the open beta should be a chance for you to discover what makes this new title from Game DP better than the hundreds of o...
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Dec 09 2013