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Age of Heroes: Conquest Gameplay First Look - HD

Age of Heroes: Conquest Gameplay  First Look - HD

Age of Heroes Conquest is an action free MMORPG no download developed and published by 5th Planet Games. Game adventures are set to take place in a medieval flavored fantasy realm. King Felendis ruled over the city of Eridun for many years but eventually he met his end. Age of Heroes Conquest players become the new leaders of Eridun. Many challenges await them as the city and the entire kingdom are in danger. Story missions will guide players and send them to various locations where they will meet memorable characters and take part in turn based fights against Eridun's enemies. Age of Heroes Conquest gameplay requires players to build an army of champions.

Each hero is a one of a kind fighter. Age of Heroes Conquest hero roster has more than 45 champions. Players will choose their favorite fighters and form a team. The hero system includes skills, gear, training and fusion features. Skills are used in battles. Gear and training allow heroes to increase their combat power. Heroes equipped with epic armors and weapons will emerge victorious from battles. Age of Heroes Conquest is one of the MMORPG games that have story driven progression. Players quest log will be filled with missions. The fantasy world has five distinct regions. Heroes will lead their army through the Emerald Wood, discover the secrets that lay in the Halls of Agartha and explore the dangerous Cursed Swamp. Each zone has not just unique landscapes but also creatures that must be defeated in combat. Players gain access into each zone by following quests and completing missions. Each task is accordingly rewarded with currency and useful items. The combat system is turn based and requires some strategic planning. PvP is not missing from the features list. Players are free to test their battle skills in PvP matches. Age of Heroes Conquest has PvP events that reward the best duelers with awesome prizes. Leaderboards keep track of players PvP progress.

Age of Heroes Conquest is one of the browser MMO games that have guilds. Players that are part of the same alliance get access to special activities such as exclusive boss fights. Guilds halls or strongholds can be upgraded to provide more benefits for their members. Age of Heroes Conquest allows guilds to compete in massive guild wars. Graphic style combines fantasy elements with cartoon visuals. The game is a free title with premium features. Age of Heroes Conquest is available as a browser game and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

By Rachel Rosen

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