Age of Civilization summons 3 new battle modes

By Michael Jamias
age of civilization new battle modes

Are you ready to face the heart-pounding new challenges in Age of Civilization? Developers have revealed the 3 new Age of Civilization battle modes. Each battle mode allows you to foil the mad Egyptian prince Seth's plan to subjugate the browser mmo world with his undead army.

Age of Civilization artwork Titan

The first battle mode involves defeating world bosses, including the fearsome Titans, one of which has aligned with the evil prince. You'll need a capable mmorpg group to defeat a Titan. If you contribute enough and become one of the top 10 participating lords, you will receive great bounties. Those who deal the killing blow to the Titan also get bonus treats on top of bragging rights for slaying the ferocious behemoth.

The second battle mode is called Faction Wars, which are held daily and pits lords against each other for control over precious supplies and goods. Those who win the conflict can earn silver, wood, ore and food -- all helping them build a bigger and stronger stronghold.

The third and last battle mode is Mass Rout, where you directly face off with Seth's seemingly endless waves of undead minions and lieutenants. Your challenge is to reach the final boss, vanquish the abomination and earn kingly rewards. If you master this mode, you can even rinse and repeatthree times a day for a steady stream of daily prizes.


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