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Age of Civilization is a free to play browser MMO with cards game features, it is developed and published by NGames and available along with lots of other free titles on gaming portal. Europe during the Middle Ages served as inspiration for Age of Civilization developers. Players will adventure into a medieval world with game content designed after real events and legends that circulated at that time. As noble heroes, players embark on a journey from Europe to Egypt in search of the Time Shards. These items are needed to end Seth’s evil dominance and restore peace and order. As military commanders, Age of Civilization users will relive historical battles in a cartoony and humorous 3D game environment.

Players have 12 avatars to choose from, there are 6 male and 6 female models. Age of Civilization doesn’t follow classic MMORPG character development mechanics so this initial choice is not that important. Later on, players will hire heroes and units to fight by their side. City building is one of the core features. Resources are needed to construct buildings and to support massive armies. Silver is in game currency, players get silver from completing quests and as daily income generated by the city hall. Ore and wood are needed for buildings, research and to recruit troops. Food is another type of Age of Civilization resource needed to support citizens and for various upgrades. All these resources are generated by specific buildings (lumber mill, quarry, farm) but also acquired as rewards from completing quests or Age of Civilization activities. The tavern is one of the most important buildings because this is the place to recruit new heroes. These heroes can be equipped with gear that provides attribute boosts. Gear is obtained as loot from dungeons or by forging it at the blacksmith. In addition to heroes, players can also recruit 3 types of troops: infantry, ranged and cavalry. Dungeons are places filled with mobs, when clearing a dungeon floor a new one with increased difficulty is unlocked. Instances are PvE content with battles designed after real life confrontations. Trial Gate is a daily PvE event available to level 25+ players. Resource Harvest, Faction Wars and world bosses are PvE challenges that require player cooperation.

Best browser games offer a competitive environment for player to test their skills against each other. Age of Civilization Ally Conquest and Temple Loot are massive PvP alliance wars. Top ranked players get individual rewards and prizes that are shared with the entire alliance. Age of Civilization is a good choice for players that want to enjoy a ton of PvE features but also strategic PvP battles.

By Rachel Rosen


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