Adventure Quest Worlds hosts world premiere of One-Eyed Doll music video, “Committed”

By Michael Jamias
adventure quest worlds one eyed doll committed

A special Adventure Quest Worlds event for Friday, October 26 (6 PM EDT) that will serve as a platform for the rock and roll duo’s new MV.

The event has quite an elaborate MMO story which involves a mental asylum, a “monstrous” Dr. De’Sawed which performs hideous experiments on his patients, and general insanity all-around – which should give us a pretty clear idea of what the music video is all about.

Members of One-Eyed Doll, , which have been famously making music for the free browser mmo, will also have an active participation in the event.

“Sometime on Friday the Adventure Quest Worlds Mad Weaponsmith Cysero gets a note saying the players have discovered a new type of sandwich-meat/sofa. (A combination of perfection!)  Kimberly, the lead singer of One-Eyed Doll, gets a note from Cysero saying that he has invented a new type of music. (How could the musician resist?)” said a press release from the browser game.

“And the players get a note from lead singer Kimberly, saying that the band will be doing a special show for just a few people later that day. (No one wants to miss a private concert!) The notes invite all recipients to the abandoned Pandinus Asylum. The deception?  It turns out that none of the notes was sent by Cysero, Kimberly, or the players. But once inside, the asylum doors slam shut and there's no way out!” it said further.


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