Adventure Quest Worlds battle wedding video goes viral

By Michael Jamias
adventure quest worlds battle wedding

Before we dive into this extremely cheesy but also extremely amusing battle wedding video, let's recap the facts.

The groom here is Artix, creator of Adventure Quest Worlds and many other video games. The guests had no clue what was going to happen. Those were real metal swords and costumes.

Now, you're all set to watch this epic wedding ceremony battle:

It's easy to see why this battle wedding has garnered 1.6 million hits in one week -- it turns the often formal and dramatic wedding ceremony into a fantasy opera. That and the superbly geeky cameos of an armored knight, goons, Iron Man, Batman, and a pro wrestler in a heart-filled suit.

Artix said that this could be the start of a battle wedding trend. And he's probably right, at least among geek circles where this sort of whimsy is not only tolerated but actually celebrated.

We'd be wary though of incorporating very obtuse mmorpg references (like using dialogue from your favorite browser mmo mission) that will likely fall flat outside of your server buddies. Stick to more broadly recognizable references, and just pump up the cosplay, action sequences and humor as what Artix did here to hilarious effect.


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