Grimskull event to purge inactive Adventure Quest Worlds accounts

By Michael Jamias
adventure quest worlds account purge event

Developers devised the Grimskull Dungeon event to ease the burden on game servers.

Adventure Quest Worlds has recently hit the 50 million user milestone, but it also came with a glut of inactive accounts that are now taxing the browser mmo's data servers.

The Adventure Quest Worlds account purge event set for June 21 should solve the problem while also making it fun for current fans.

Basically, players will be asked to complete the dangerous Grimskull Dungeon event in order to spare their accounts from the purge. The dungeon environment has been described to be trap-filled torture chamber.

Of course, it's safe to assume that developers will not be basing their account purge solely on completion of the Grimskull dungeon. What it will do is help the team double-confirm the active accounts, and possibly give long-time MIA players to log into their dusty accounts and save it from possible deletion.

Adventure Quest Worlds is designed to be geared more towards the younger crowd, and as such makes it very easy for new players to create new accounts.

In order to help players overcome the Grimskull Dungeon, the Hero of Steel shop and new Suggestion shop items will also be rolled out.

Developers have also hinted that this could be one of many dungeons that Grimskull will be unleashing in the MMO, so players may need to stay alert for more sneaky death traps coming their way soon.


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