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Need more mmo live events like the Adventure Quest Worlds Cruxshadows concert
Playing an online game has a number of distinct advantages like being able to play at any time of the day or night and the ability to be instantly transported into an immersive virtual world to adventure in. Yet a key feature that helped propel mmos to their current level of popularity is being left behind: the shared experience. This fact hit home for me when I read about the Adventure Quest Worlds Cruxshadows event for Halloween, and my first t...
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Nov 03 2015
adventure quest worlds halloween event the cruxshadows
Adventure Quest Worlds breaks away from the usual Halloween event bandwagon that goes around mmo games by staging a Halloween musical event starting October 30. The Adventure Quest Worlds Halloween musical will star The CrüxShadows, an American darkwave and dark synthpop band, a fitting choice for the grim occasion.As part of their special appearance in the no download mmorpg, CrüxShadows band members will be "cartoonized" and play a special...
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Oct 27 2015
adventure quest worlds battle wedding
Before we dive into this extremely cheesy but also extremely amusing battle wedding video, let's recap the facts. The groom here is Artix, creator of Adventure Quest Worlds and many other video games. The guests had no clue what was going to happen. Those were real metal swords and costumes. Now, you're all set to watch this epic wedding ceremony battle:It's easy to see why this battle wedding has garnered 1.6 million hits in one week -- it...
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Dec 12 2013
adventure quest worlds account purge event
Developers devised the Grimskull Dungeon event to ease the burden on game servers. Adventure Quest Worlds has recently hit the 50 million user milestone, but it also came with a glut of inactive accounts that are now taxing the browser mmo's data servers. The Adventure Quest Worlds account purge event set for June 21 should solve the problem while also making it fun for current fans. Basically, players will be asked to complete the dangerous G...
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Jun 20 2013
adventure quest worlds one eyed doll committed
A special Adventure Quest Worlds event for Friday, October 26 (6 PM EDT) that will serve as a platform for the rock and roll duo’s new MV. The event has quite an elaborate MMO story which involves a mental asylum, a “monstrous” Dr. De’Sawed which performs hideous experiments on his patients, and general insanity all-around – which should give us a pretty clear idea of what the music video is all about. Members of One-Eyed Doll, , which have bee...
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Oct 25 2012