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AD2460 Gameplay First Look- HD

AD2460 Gameplay First Look- HD

AD2460 is a sci fi browser MMO developed and published by Fifth Season AS. The Norwegian studio is also known for the popular football manager game ManagerLeague and for creating Planetarion, one of the first browser based strategy MMO titles. Adventures take place in a very faraway future, mankind discovered mysterious space gates that allow extremely fast interplanetary travel and so they began to colonize distant planets. AD2460 players step into the game as rulers of a new planet that represents the starting point of a galactic empire. This planet is the command center from where players conduct all operations. The home world can never be lost or conquered by other players.

AD2460 main goal is to build a powerful military and economic empire. Players will have to cross the safe boundaries of their home worlds and establish new colonies also known as outposts. These small bases are of extreme importance because they are rich in resources. Unlike the home world, outposts can be captured by enemy players. That’s where alliances come into play as a major game component. Social interaction is the core feature for all MMO games that want to encourage player cooperation. AD2460 alliances are large groups of players that share a common goal. Players that are part of an alliance enjoy multiple advantages such as: better economic development, military support and intel on the enemy. It takes a lot of military strength to defend numerous outposts but alliance members can borrow defending troops from their colleagues. Alliance members share valuable information about the enemy’s military force or other important details. The alliance marketplace allows sellers to get rid of extra resources and buyers to obtain materials at a convenient price. AD2460 implements a feature called alliance upgrades through which an alliance can consolidate its power. The leader and the council of officers rule over an alliance and take the most important decisions but, in the end, an alliance is just as strong as its members so team play is an essential AD2460 feature.

The game story is told through single player missions. These tasks are designed for solo play and offer players the chance to uncover AD2460 background lore and also to acquire some really nice rewards. AD2460 is one of the RTS games that offer four types of solo content. Scouting missions send players to explore unknown parts of the galaxy. Diplomatic missions ensure a good collaboration among all citizens. Espionage missions require players to gather information about the enemy. Combat missions give players the chance to test their army. Fleets are made up of different types of ships that can be customized by selecting from multiple technologies. AD2460 allows players to test it for free but the game requires a very small monthly subscription without any optional premium features.

By Rachel Rosen

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