A.I. War Opens First Credit World, Launches Recruitment Contest

By Josh Wirtanen
A.I. War Opens Its First Credit World

Berlin-based GameArt Studio has just launched the first credit world in the sci-fi browser game A.I. War.

So what exactly is a credit world? Well, it's a server where in-game credits are the only currency. There are no microtransactions here! This means that all in-game features are either included in the premium package or are simply available for free.

On top of this, the server brings back the old market, which allows players to barter, haggle, trade, or whatever other words you have for negotiating the exchange of goods via in-game chat, private messages, or the game's forums. Oh, and you'll get discounts for trading with friends and clan mates, so support your local in-game business.

But what would a new game sever be without its players? In order to get active users into the game, GameArt Studio is hosting a recruitment contest, not only granting the usual bonuses to players who convince others to join, but upping the stakes a notch by giving out prizes to the top recruiters.

And don't be bummed out that so many of your gamer friends are in other countries. The server is both multinational and multilingual.


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