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    The quest tab will update quests, give rewards, and allow new quests that can help guide your new nation....
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    7 Dragons: recruit
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7 Dragons is a free to play MMORTS game that is playable directly through your internet browser. 7 Dragons features a large array of traditional MMORTS mechanics such as resource and unit management, but it also includes a number of unique features to the genre such as an in-depth hero customization and progression system as well as instanced dungeons and battles. 7 Dragons allows you to choose from a huge selection of playable races, all of which have their own unique appearance for units and buildings, as well as a number of different research and upgrade options. The available races are as follows:

Forest Elves
Dark Elves

As with all MMO RTS games, resources are key to survival and 7 Dragons is no different. Players must first construct a large variety of resource-providing buildings that will allow them to gather riches and improve their overall wealth. Resources are used in every possible area of advancement for your city, from constructing buildings to raising a vicious army. Having a large amount of resources is also a good way to increase your Civilization level, which allows you to spread your influence across the game world by constructing more cities and villages.

Although a hero system is quite common in today's MMORTS titles, 7 Dragons injects enough unique features to make their hero system stand out among the rest. Players can recruit heroes almost straight away, choosing from a large selection available at the tavern. A hero acts as a general to your army but also has access to a large array of abilities, as well as the chance of learning an ultimate ability, a devastating attack that can bring entire armies to their knees. Heroes gain experience points through combat and exploration, increasing their stats and giving them access to more gear as they level up. Heroes can also train and summon pets, use a large variety of stat-boosting mounts and even summon the souls of dead warriors.

7 Dragons provides so many features that make it unique in the huge mass that is the MMORTS genre, any RTS fans will enjoy the fresh approach for some of the stale old mechanics, making it one of the most innovative browser games released in recent years.

By Rachel Rosen

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