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  • 1100AD: heroes

    1100AD: heroes
    There are 3 heroes that are willing to join your city for free when you start playing 1100AD. Pick the hero that you prefer....
    1100AD: heroes

    1100AD: mine

    1100AD: mine
    Build and upgrade resource mines to increase your production. Coal is just one resource in game....
    1100AD: mine

    1100AD: rename

    1100AD: rename
    Rename your city to complete your first quest. You will earn a reward for this simple action....
    1100AD: rename

    1100AD: tactics

    1100AD: tactics
    Tactics will determine how your city defends itself from invaders....
    1100AD: tactics

1100AD is a free to play, massively multiplayer online MMORTS title with a heavily detailed medieval theme. 1100AD offers players all of the exciting features of the MMORTS genre, such as base construction, unit training, strategic PvP and intense diplomatic situations.

1100AD offers players the opportunity to construct their own medieval settlement on a vacant plot of land. 1100AD provides total freedom when constructing your base, allowing you to place buildings freely without the restrictions imposed by other MMORTS titles. You'll need to build and upgrade a large amount of resource related buildings in order to progress at a steady rate, as the more resources you earn the quicker you can expand your settlement and the greater the army you can recruit. As well as using buildings to earn resources, you can also attempt to rob them from your enemies, but be careful, you don't want to start a war you're not prepared for. There's more than just basic buildings and other construction projects. Players can also invest heavily into fortification such as huge castle walls and sturdy gates, protecting them from intruders and allowing them to progress through the game without the fear of being destroyed by opposing forces.

A huge army is nothing without a fearless leader and 1100AD uses the familiar RTS feature of the Hero system to give players a leader for their troops. Heroes work in a similar fashion to other MMORTS games, earning experience points through battle which they can then use to unlock more abilities and skills.

1100AD provides players with a unique browser-based experience that doesn't require hundreds of hours of play time in order to advance. The medieval theme, combined with the in-depth MMORTS features and casual play style makes 1100AD appealing to all types of RTS fans.

By Rachel Rosen

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