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Sparta: War of Empires is a free to play MMORTS developed and published by Plarium. As members of the Spartan society, players become rulers of city states and King Leonidas’s allies. Sparta is fighting a terrible war against Persia, a...

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Pirates Tides of Fortune is a free to play, pirate themed browser MMO developed by Plarium and published by Kabam. The road to become the fiercest pirate is not an easy one as future pirate captains must assemble a crew and also take c...

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Forge of Empires is one of most popular free browser games from InnoGames and it delivers an immersive strategy gameplay where you build a city and see it flourish from the prehistoric ages up to the modern era. Nominated in the Best B...

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League of Angels 2 is a free no download MMORPG developed and published by GTArcade. It's the sequel to the famous League of Angels created by the same company. League of Angels 2 gameplay is similar to its predecessor's but new elemen...

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Stormfall: Age of War is a free to play MMO developed and published by Plarium. Players will adventure into a medieval themed world filled with fantasy creatures and magic elements. Their job is to overcome the evil forces that th...

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Dragon Blood is a free MMORPG no download developed and published by 101XP. Players discover a fantasy world where they embody mighty warriors with draconic blood flowing through their veins. A millennium passed since heroes have been ...

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Clash of Avatars is a 3D browser multiplayer role playing game developed and published by AMZ Game. The company is well known for its MMORPG list of fun casual games that don't require any download. Clash of Avatars stands out from oth...

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World of Warships (World of Battleships) is a naval strategy free MMO developed by Lesta Studio and published by World of Warships is the third game in Wargaming’s series of battle games. Players can also try out Wo...

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Combining elements of both mmos and trading card games, HEX: Shards of Fate is a free tcg mmo developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Players create their champion and assemble a deck of virtual cards that features quite a few innovatio...

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Wizard101 is a cartoon based MMORPG developed and published by KingsIsle Entertainment. Although Wizard101 is primarily aimed at the younger gaming audience, there are dozens of features that can appeal to even the most hardcore of MMO...

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MMO Play: Free MMORPG & MMO Games

Connect. Have Fun. Find the Perfect MMO for You. Here at MMO Play, you can do it all with a serving of awesome sauce.

We have everything you've ever wanted in a MMO gaming community: MMO games lists, game guides, unbiased reviews, exclusive videos, community ratings and free MMORPG contests. Anything to make your gaming experience better and more epic, we've gone and added. Because we're pleasers that way. Register for a free account now.

What makes us different from the gazillion other MMO fan forums out there?

MMOPlay is way more than just forums. It's an online hangout and a resource guide. You can drop by to see what free MMORPG titles are topping the play charts. If you're stuck on a quest, ask for some tips. Or use our fantastic guides to hunt down achievements and rare gear. You'll always find cool stuff to do when hanging out at MMO Play.

Do people actually play all these other MMOs I've never heard of?

Triple-A games are great, but as a gamer you have to keep your mind open to new things. Don't you find it boring if everyone else was playing World of Warcraft or League of Legends? We do. Think of it this way: You'll get sick of eating burgers 24/7, even if they're the mind-blowing kind.

So to keep it interesting, we serve up a garden-fresh variety of MMO games. From fantasy to sc-fi to browser games to sidescrollers to indies. It's all in here in an easy-to-find format. When you're itching for a free MMORPG or have some spare cash for an extra sub, we can suggest some choices. You'll be surprised at how many fantastic games are just waiting to satisfy your MMO fix. Be a certified cool MMO Player. Register now.

Get into MMORPG Games

MMORPG games are insanely popular right now. One part of it's the cost -- they're so cheap to play. Just look around MMO Play. We've compiled some of the best free MMO titles around.

Another thing is that most MMORPG games have low system requirements. Often all you need is a PC bought in the past five years. That, and a stable internet connection. Then you can play 90% of the free MMO games out there. Some high-end subscription games might demand better specs, though. If that's the case, head to your friendly neighborhood PC store. You'll see that it's not so expensive to turn your PC into an MMO ready machine.

What about the monthly subscriptions, you say? Even with those added, MMORPG games offer the best value for money, hands down. You can easily spend hundreds of hours playing one MMO, and get hundreds more with each new patch or expansion. They're practically never-ending adventures that only get better the more hours you spend on them. You level up a character, collect more epic items, and build a legacy. It's a fun activity you can keep enjoying for years to come.

There's also the social aspect to consider. MMORPG games let you meet, interact and team up with thousands of other players. Sure, consoles have multiplayer and online modes now. But there's nothing like working with other people for a common goal. You might pair up to finish a dungeon run, or to build the best-looking farm in town. All you need is to get out there and make some MMOPlay friends.

Discover New MMO Games

Getting tired of your favorite MMO games? Maybe you need a little break. Our comprehensive MMORPG list fills you in on the latest and hottest titles. Read our helpful reviews and fan ratings to get an idea of the game. Then go dive right in – just click the Play Now button and you can try out each game.

If you're having trouble choosing, think about what MMO games you'd like to play. Are you a fantasy freak who can't get enough of elves and magic? Do you like to hack-and-slash enemies for hours on end? Do you get a rush from commanding troops and tanks to battle? Chances are, there's a perfect game waiting for you in our MMORPG list.

If you've narrowed down the category, then read our reviews and ratings for each game. We don't hold back on our opinions. We tell you the pros and cons of each MMO game, what makes them fun, and where they can do a bit better. This means less time experimenting and more time playing what you really like.

More of a visual gamer? Then go by the screenshots and videos. We put up lots of them in our MMORPG list. Sometimes it's the art style that hooks you in. Like a great-looking piece of armor or a jaw-dropping screenshot. Take a look around. Your next MMORPG addiction might just be a mouse click away.

Discuss the Best MMORPG

Want to know the best MMORPG right now? We won't decide for you. Join MMO Play and pick one from our ever-growing list. Compare and contrast those subscription games. Or pit one free to play MMO against another. It'll help you decide which one deserves your well-earned bucks and precious little time.

You can find out what makes each game the best MMORPG for its fans. If something catches your eye, then click on the game to learn more about it. MMO Play will always have new info, trailers and screenshots for each MMO. Or head down to the forums section to get some beginner tips and advice.

If you're already playing the best MMORPG, say it loud and proud. Submit a glowing review. Give the game a maxed-out rating. Form a fan club. Defend the honor of your free to play MMO against its bashers. You can even recruit guild members on the spot. We want you to make this your personal MMO home base.

But remember that you're sharing the space with other fans. They won't easily agree with your best MMORPG pick. For some, the best MMORPG is the one with sexy anime toons ("I don't care if her body's anatomically impossible, dude). Or the one without a cash shop ("Because cash shops are evil"). Or the one with a hardcore endgame (EZ mode is for N00bs!).

It all comes down to respecting each other. Discuss but don't discriminate. There's definitely room for one hundred best MMORPG, each epic in its own way.